Two Years Later…

And I have finally decided to bring this blog back into my life. A lot has changed, and it will certainly show in the posts I write from now on. But for now, I’d like to just kind of write a bit about myself. I am, first and foremost, a thinker. That’s why I chose the name for this blog oh-so-long ago. I cherish moments where I can just sit down, close my eyes, and think. It is a gift that I am blessed with – a richness of thought and a desire to contemplate the world around me, a gift that I would like to share. I also love to write, and I need to force myself to write more often. So I will be trying to start a schedule of weekly postings, every Tuesday if I can keep consistency. I don’t think I’ve personally introduced myself yet, so allow me to do so.

Hello! I am Stephen Charles Van Ness. I go to a conservative Christian college (this is my senior year), and I am double-majoring in English and Secondary English Education. This summer, I am going into an intensive in-school program, and next year I will be going into the school district for Student Teaching. I love to write – my dream is to write a novel or a series of novels, but in order to do that I must ensure that I keep myself consistent with writing, something I hope this blog will help me to accomplish.

I love DC/Marvel comics, although I am partial to DC. I love film and cinematography, and have a great love for many movies and television shows. I also love reading and listening to music, both lyrical and instrumental. I like my lyrical music clean, and therefore I frequently stay in the Christian genre, branching out into secular music only occasionally. I am in a committed relationship with a lovely young woman (link to her tumblr will be provided in the sidebar) named Julia Christine Kauffman. I have a strong relationship with my family of six, and with my extended family as well. Above all, I am a Christian. I am nervous for the future, especially where teaching is concerned, but it is a nervous excitement, a heartwarming and thrilling embracing of the unknown. I look forward to what God has in store for my life.

Here are some favorites to get a better sense of my tastes in music, television, literature, and film!


5. Emperor’s New Groove

4. Miracle on 34th Street

3. It’s A Wonderful Life

2. A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart)

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


5. The DC Animated Universe

4. Sherlock

3. Doctor Who

2. Star Trek: TNG

1. Leverage

(definitely top five, but not 100% sold on the order) (Honorable Mentions: Avatar – The Last Airbender, Death Note, Spectacular Spider-Man)

Five of my favorite novels

Ender’s Game

The Great Gatsby

Wuthering Heights

Lord of the Rings

Star Wars Episode III Novelization (Matthew Stover)

Five of my favorite artists

Relient K

Twenty One Pilots

Hans Zimmer

Owl City

George Winston

I look forward getting to know you guys! I love comments and feedback, and I’m excited to post next week (if I can wait that long – I may do occasional posts inbetween weeks if I feel so inclined.) Comment and share to your heart’s content!


8 thoughts on “Two Years Later…

  1. Love your introduction. And, as you know, I love your writing. You have been a gifted writer from your earliest days, and I consider it a high privilege to have been able to share/enjoy/edit so much of your work. Maybe, some day, you and one of your siblings can partner and actually bring one of your novels to the screen. I will await to see what the Lord has in store for you.


  2. This was a really nice way to get to know you! I can’t wait to see what else you will be writing about!

    Also, you are one of the first people I’ve met anywhere where most of their favorite movies are Christmas movies!! That’s so cool! ^_^


    • Very intriguing and somewhat familiar question 😉 Perhaps an agency was trying to create the perfect weapon, and four people volunteered. The intent was to create a puzzle so intricate that no one could solve it without doubting everything around them, laced within the memories that four journals immortalize. This was to create the perfect objective thinker, warping the dimension of memory within them so that they couldn’t trust their own existence and therefore looked at everything with a more keen eye, but instead destroyed the minds of the four people within them, creating a crippling sense of loss and a devastating aura of almost incomprehesible doubt of everything and everyone around them. Because when you play a game for so long that makes you lose your perception of what is real, will you ever be fully confident that the game is over?


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