Twenty One Pilots

First, a short update. I do believe that the way I would like to line up this blog is bi-weekly posts – Tuesdays I will share reviews or just talk about various things, and the second post will be more narrative focused. Of course, all of that is subject to change depending on how I feel or what I’m doing. For now, I’m going to actually be doing a review of an album, something I haven’t done in a while. That album is Twenty One Pilots.

This album is, well, in a word, remarkable. Twenty One Pilots is a band that has grown significantly in popularity in the past year or two, with the release of their hit single “Stressed Out” on their album “Blurryface.” Since my discovery of them and their music, they have become one of my favorite artists of all time. Their past two albums are very popular, “Vessel” bringing them a lot of press and “Blurryface” bringing them to the forefront, but their lesser known self-titled album is also quite excellent, albeit very different. All of their albums have to do with the struggles of life and faith (as they are actually a band of Christians), and they are very emotionally driven. However, though Vessel and Blurryface do discuss struggles of faith, Twenty One Pilots takes this struggle to the forefront, and makes it the theme of the album. With a few exceptions, the album is entirely Christian, and gives a real and personal demonstration of the difficulties of faith not often heard in contemporary Christian music.

I won’t go song-to-song, as this isn’t a content review, but I will say that this album contains darker imagery (as with all T1P albums), specifically in the songs Taxi Cab and A Car, a Torch, a Death. God is everywhere in this album, however, and despite the dark imagery you can feel the seeping of God’s voice through the singer’s discussion on faith and his purpose in this life. 

Top 5 songs on this album:
5. Addict With a Pen

4. Johnny Boy

3. March to the Sea

2. Pantaloon

1. Implicit Demand for Proof
I highly recommend you give this album a chance, not to mention Twenty One Pilots in general – it is a very different style of music, but it has a very interesting feel, and a unique charm. The style is very variable, it’s not easy to explain: Implicit is a waltz, some songs have some occasional rap elements, some sound almost like pop songs, but in general there’s a variety of different musical styles that are present in all sorts of ways (a recurring theme with this band)

That’s all for today – I hope you all have a lovely week!


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