Google’s Classroom Monopoly – The Next Generation of Education, or a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

This is a decently wordy title, but it states exactly what the topic of this post is going to be. I have been floating through districts as an observer, student teacher, and substitute for a few years, and there is … Continue reading


Where I’ve Been, Where I Am, and Where I’m Going

If you’ve been around this website since the beginning (and unless you’re related to me or are me, you probably have not been), you’ll know that if there was one word you could pick that would be the opposite of my … Continue reading


What is man, that you are mindful of him?

A Sunrise It is dark. A cool wind blows in the night. As I sit, the darkness begins to dissipate. Black turns to a deep blue, deep blue softens and brightens. Then, a single ray pierces the sky, and the … Continue reading


Star Wars: Taking off the Rose-Colored Glasses

If you’ve gotten to know me at all over the past, I dunno, 22 years, you will probably know at least one thing about me: I love Star Wars. Always have, always will. Star Wars has been a very significant … Continue reading


Two Years Later…

And I have finally decided to bring this blog back into my life. A lot has changed, and it will certainly show in the posts I write from now on. But for now, I’d like to just kind of write … Continue reading


A Thinker in Space

Why “A Thinker in Space?” Because I am not ‘down to Earth’ as some people like to say. I live with my head in the clouds, sticking my nose into a wonderful world of sunshine and starlight. Although I am very well aware of this world on which we live, I live above it. I consider this world a stepping stone to greater things. When I pass away on this Earth, a world of unimagined sights and sounds and tastes and emotions awaits me, a world called Heaven. I live on this planet, but my feet are not on solid ground. I feel a cushiony cloud beneath me wherever I walk, because I know this ground is temporary. Where this worldview will take me, I do not know. I desire to obtain a Pastorate when I reach adulthood, and begin to teach the Bible, the words spoken from the mouths of ancient men who received those words from God himself. I desire to become an author, writing novels that people have never thought of before. When I die, I want to take as many human beings to Heaven with me as I can. This blog is a place where me, a thinker from the wondrous realm of space, can share his observations and perceptions of this Earth with whomever would like to listen. For a little more about me, feel free to check out the page that says Picking the Brain of a Thinker.

Feel free to let me know what you think about anything. I am very curious to hear what you have to say!!! Comments are encouraged- I will answer back as soon as physically possible, which will usually be within a day or two, if that. If I am away for an extended period of time, no content will be posted or commented on, obviously.

Welp, that’s all I have to say. Enjoy your trip through the mind of a thinker!